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Name:Polytheism Without Borders
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Polytheism Without Borders is a community for polytheists and pagans of all flavors to ask each other for help, and to offer to help each other. For people who are dedicated to their gods and the worship of their gods, but don't have the time or the talents or the resources to do everything they need, and for those who have the time or talents or resources to offer it.

If you need a hymn to your deity, and can't write one yourself, ask here. If you need someone to practice doing divinitory readings on, ask here. If you need advice or help understanding something, ask here. If you are an artist and would like to offer your talents so that people can have hymns or images, offer here. If you have an altar to a specific god and are willing to make offerings to them for people who cannot, offer here.

This is not a community for selling things, though. Barter if you like, but no sales.

To quote from Sannion, from whom I shamelessly stole this idea:
Let me tell you about this community. It’s polytheism without borders. Not without standards, but definitely without borders.

You see, it’s a community of people who love their divinities and love other people’s divinities and want to see all divinities being honored properly and abundantly. It’s a community of people who are deeply engaged in worship and want to make that worship as powerful and beautiful as possible.

We don’t discuss politics and our personal issues and our hobbies when we’re together. If we want to socialize, we’ll go socialize somewhere else! We come together for the sole purpose of honoring our divinities and other people’s divinities and helping our fellow community members do that as well. We share knowledge and resources and help get the word out about the awesome things that other people are doing to honor their divinities and lend a hand whenever we can.

We aren’t concerned with who’s in or who’s out – because the only “in” is doing stuff and as long as that stuff is pleasing to the divinities that’s all that really matters. It’s a community of people who are fed up with politics and infighting and talk, talk, talk and want to find people to do stuff with. We don’t always see eye to eye and some of us do stuff that’s radically different from the stuff that other people are doing, but we don’t get overly concerned about that. Because it’s more important that people be doing their stuff and when you’re all up in other people’s stuff, you aren’t doing your own stuff.

This community is open to anyone who is doing stuff for the divinities whether that stuff is hardcore mysticism or keeping a well-ordered house and raising your children to love the divine. All this stuff is important and necessary and no one should look down on anyone else in the community as long as they’re doing their stuff.


We’ve got a pretty good track record of doing stuff and we’ve come to each other’s assistance many times before.

But this community can be more and can do more. I see the potential in you guys and it profoundly awes and humbles me.

The problem is a lot of you are hurt and shy from bad experiences with community in the past. You’ve been burned and you’re understandably reticent to put yourselves out there like that again.

Or you’ve got ideas but you’re not sure how to make those things happen. You lack the technical know-how and the resources.

Or you’re just starting out and don’t really have a solid idea what your stuff is yet, let alone how you can help others do their own stuff.

And that is where the idea of a community of polytheists without borders comes into play.

I see it as a kind of religious time banking system, except not so strictly organized. Basically what I want is for people to be able to say, “Hey, there’s this thing I’d like to do for my divinities — can anyone help out?” And for others to step forward and say “Sure! What do you need?” because they know that when their time comes around to do something for the divinities, there will be others willing to assist them.

Think how much more could be done for the divinities if we all pitched in. How much greater that work could become.

Even aside from such noble and altruistic notions, think how fucking cool it’d be to just be around that constant surge of devotional activity, to have all this new and interesting stuff to read and see and participate in.

I'm moderating posts to make sure nothing trolly gets posted, so when you submit, you're not going to see it right away.

Because of the way DW is set up, only someone with an DW account can submit a post. You don't have to be a member of the community to post, though. If you don't have an DW account, but want to post, you can email me at madgastronomer at gmail, and I'll post it for you. Please put Polytheism Without Borders or PolytheismWOB in the title.

I will not permit flame wars in the comments, and will shut that down rapidly. This is not the place for it. Take it elsewhere. I do this for my own sanity, because I already moderate other contentious communities.

If you have a request, make a post. If you have an offer, make a post. All responses to requests and offers should be made in comments to the posts.

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